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How Long Distance Canada Works

Most of us take the ability to place a prepaid long distance call for granted. Within seconds, you can be talking to another person who is thousands of miles away, even separated by a vast ocean. Few people actually think of what goes into making a call.

Also, many phone service providers have popped up since the regulatory breakup of AT&T in 1984. This company, which essentially had a monopoly on phone service until it was broken up, was cut down, and "baby bells" were formed as separate phone service providers cropped up. Many of those former "baby bells" now provide prepaid long distance phone service.

Most of the larger phone service carriers have their own fiber-optic networks equal to AT&T in quality, and there are hundreds of smaller companies that are known as "resellers," which means that they lease time on the larger companies' networks and avoid the cost of installing their own wires. Fortunately, this creates an extremely competitive market, which allows the savvy consumer to save money.

In the next few paragraphs, we'll discuss the science behind telephone calls.

How it all works

Prepaid long distance phone service begins with you. When you pick up your handset at the home or office, the device turns your voice into an analog signal, or electrical impulse, which travels along the wire. Digital signals are also available now, though analog is still widely used.

The signal travels through a phone line composed of two copper wires originating in your house, which disappear into a box if you have underground wiring, or are suspended between poles near your house if you have aerial wiring. Near your house, your phone line will join with your neighbors' lines, and all these cables are spliced into a 25- or 50-pair wire. The analog signal travels along the cable, through the neighborhood, until it reaches another, bigger box, which is the junction connecting your neighborhood wires to the main line running past it.

The main line may be made of fiber-optics, co-ax, or copper wires. They all do basically the same thing, but some are ever more efficient and easier to obtain than others. The big box at the junction of the phone lines is powered or activated, and contains digitizers. It is here that your call joins the mainstream or multiplexed line ending in your local switch and the fiber-optic national network. So, your phone lines work much like your neighborhood streets emptying onto a large highway: like roads, there are smaller pathways or cables, that join up at a major intersection to meet with your national network or pathway, which connects you to the rest of the country, and the world.

Keep in Touch with Long Distance Canada Cards

Communication has never been more important than it is today, and that has led more and more people to consider buying calling cards to stay in touch. Calling cards have a vital role to play in today's information based society, and they are a great idea for travelers, business people and others who need to stay in touch wherever they are.

There are in fact many uses for callingcards, including applications in the world of business. Long distance Canada calling cards are a great way for the traveling business person to stay in touch, without running the risk of a large cell phone bill or unexpected roaming charges. These calling cards are especially valuable for workers who frequently travel to foreign countries, since the rules and charges for cell phone and landline use can vary widely from country to country. This is particularly true in many developing and third word countries, and many traveling businessmen and businesswomen prefer to use callingcards to make keeping in touch easier.

The long distance Canada callingcard is also a great gift for students who will be heading off on holiday. Parents and loved ones will be glad to know their family member is safe while on vacation, and those callingcards will certainly come in handy for keeping in touch. Instead of fumbling for coins or worrying about the compatibility of cell phones on foreign networks, those traveling students can simply use their calling cards to keep in touch wherever they go.

Calling cards can be a great idea for emergency use as well. While it is impossible to pinpoint exactly when and where we may need to use those callingcards, having them ready when they are needed certainly provides great peace of mind. Instead of looking for change, people are free to simply punch in the numbers on their callingcard and communicate instantly with other parties. This ease of use makes these prepaid cards a great choice for people around the country and around the world.

Of course not all long distance Canada calling cards are the same, and it is important for users to look for the best deal when they buy these cards. It is important for traveling businesspeople, students and others to look for the features that will allow them to get the most value out of the callingcards they buy.

One of the most important features to look for in a long distance Canada calling card is a low per minute rate on the countries the buyer is most likely to call. The per minute rate is an essential part of the package, and it is important to carefully calculate the savings that can be achieved. Travelers who are planning to use their cards on a European holiday will want to make sure they get plenty of affordable minutes to all the countries on the continent, as well as calls back to their home country. Many people will use their prepaid calling cards to call home, and these cards provide a great way for travelers to keep in touch and let their loved ones know they are OK. Long distance Canada calling cards can also be used for a number of things while on vacation, including making train reservations, booking flights or reserving hotel rooms. The key to maximum savings is to make sure that the minutes on the card will stretch as far as possible.

It is also important that the callingcard provides an easy and convenient way to buy more minutes. After the initial minutes are used up it is important for travelers and other card users to be able to add additional money to the card. Many card issuers allow users to add additional funds to their long distance Canada callingcard with a credit card, debit card or other form of electronic payment. Others issuers may also allow users to recharge their cards in person at various stores and kiosks throughout the world. When buying a long distance Canada calling card it is important to consider the options for adding money down the road.

Long distance Canada calling cards can be an excellent choice for staying in touch, but it is important to do your homework. With a little bit of research and some good planning you will be able to use a callingcard to stay in touch wherever you may roam.

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