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CiCi Link™ is an integrated, long distance management service that delivers many more features than traditional prepaid phone cards.

CiCi Link is a part of a large rechargeable Automatic Number Identification (ANI) service platform.

The major added convenience with CiCi Link is its ability to recognize you as the card owner from particular registered phone numbers (which you manually input into the system) meaning that no PIN entry is required. Numerous phone numbers can be registered, and once you've done so, whenever you dial the designated access number from these phone numbers, you simply dial the destination number immediately after and avoid punching in a long PIN.

CiCi Link can also be used while you travel. There are designated access numbers for hundreds of locations worldwide. Consumers simply dial the access number, punch in their PIN, and dial the destination number.

CiCi Link has rechargeable features. Unlike most calling cards, you do not need to visit a retail outlet and purchase another calling card once you've used up your minutes. You are given your very own account, which you can recharge conveniently online at any time with your credit card.

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Just Dial Cici Link Phone Cards is a rechargeable prepaid calling card accessible from over 65 countries in the world.

Pin free dialing from up to 8 phone lines! Simply provide the phone numbers from where you will be making the calls, Dial our toll-free number, listen to your account balance and enter the phone number of the person you want to call! We will also provide you with a pin number in case you want to make a call from a pay phone or a hotel room.

Just Dial Cici Link Phone Card offers one minute rounding, No minimum charges, no maintenance fees, No expiry dates, No connection fees or any other charges.

Your Cici Link long distance account can be recharged within seconds over the internet.

No need to change your long distance provider!

Just Dial Cici Link Phone Cards Canada can be used from any phone line. Can be used from cellular phones, home, office, pay phone, hotel rooms, etc. for Calling Canada.

Online detailed monthly payment and call history.

24 hours Customer support available in 6 languages.

Sign up today for your Cici Lynk Calling Cards and Long Distance Canada account.

Sign Up Now or Call 1-604-922-3425 and 1-877-884-4655 (toll free) Mon to Fri - 8.30 AM - 4.30 PM (PST) for full details.

M. Gaudreault from Chateauguay, QC says:    " I have been using your service for about 2 years. It is an excellent service and a great way to control long distance charges. I have never experienced any problems with the service. Wish more things were as easy to use as your service. " ...   M. Lewis from Toronto, ON says:    " We've been using Justdial for 3 years, since our daughter went to University in Nova Scotia. We avoid the high tolls charged by the cell carriers. With voice recognition on my cell phone, I simply say "call Justdial" my daughter's name. The phone does all the rest. Quality is exceptional, no "echoes", "pops" or "clicks" While travelling, we hold conference calls with clients from locations throughout Canada and the US for pennies a minute compared to cell roaming of $1 per minute. We recommend Justdial to all our friends and clients who want to save hundreds of dollars on long distance. " ...   H. Knopke from Edmonton, AB says:    " Just Dial is a great cost saver for us. We call North America and Europe and find it very convenient that we can call from our land line and from our cell phones. By entering the access phone number as a speed dial number, phoning long distance at low cost is no more inconvenient than dialling 9 in an office to get an outside line. " ...   M. Lajeunesse from Montreal, QC says:    " Having family in the UK, Ontario and Quebec, it's important for me to have a good long-distance service that is reliable, flexible and at a low cost. Just Dial is just that. I have been using the service for years now and it's so easy, I sometimes forget it's even there. I have their number in my phone's memory so I just push a button, dial the person I want to call and chat for hours for a fraction of the price. " ...   R. Kessel from Calgary, AB says:    " I was really tired of the long distance rates that my regular phone company was charging me, so I tried Just Dial. Through the Just Dial website it was very easy to get signed up. That was 3 years ago and I am still with them because I am a happy customer. Not only has it turned out to be considerably cheaper than my old long distance service, it has also been reliable and customer service has been great. I highly recommend Just Dial. " ...   G. Kaas from Frazee, MN says:    " Just Dial is quick and easy to obtain and use. It is super inexpensive and auto dials the needed numbers. Even my husband uses this one due to its simplicity. I recommended it to all my friends. " ...   V. Yang from Toronto, ON says:    " Service always works. Balance is accurate. Customer service is helpful though rarely needed. " ...   L. Ross from Toronto, ON says:    " Just Dial is the best long distance provider I've ever had. I love the convenience of not having to use a pin on my cell phone. It's also great for when I'm out of town. I've never had a problem that I needed to call customer service. I'm always recommending Just Dial to my friends and family. " ...   M. Hisem from Welland, ON says:    " I won't spend time saying how much I love the price, but I truly love the service I receive when I call in. Any time I travel out of my area, a quick call to confirm the local access #'s and I am making cheap long distance calls just like from home... saves me on all those $1.25 per minute hotel charges to let everyone know we've arrived safely. Works great for my entire family, and it's one of the few places I don't dread calling when I need the help. Thanks Just Dial. " ...   B. Dehghani from Oakville, ON says:    " I am very happy with your service. " ...   B. Stucki from Alaska & BC says:    " I have been a Just Dial customer now for almost 6 years, with accounts in Canada and the United States. I currently have 4 accounts for my personal and business use and for friends and family, and I love Just Dial. It has saved me a tremendous amount of money, and it is a breeze to use from my home phone, or when I am out on the road. I can give people a phone number and a pin, and they can call me for free. The Just Dial system always recognizes the activated phone numbers, and I am very pleased that I can enter so many phone numbers to activate. I have recommended this service to many of my friends and family members, and it sure works great for me. I use the service for a lot of international calls, and it works great and saves me a ton of money. Thank you Just Dial for providing me and my business what I believe is the finest service of its type in the industry! " ...   K. Coburn from Vancouver, BC says:    " I have been a member of Just Dial for the past six months. I use the service weekly to stay in touch with friends and family across Canada and the US. I also use the service to contact friends and associates overseas. Just Dial makes it easy to save money - the access number is preprogrammed into my phone and no password is required. This is no-hassle saving at its best! Thank you, Just Dial, for keeping me connected with your low rates and fast, reliable service. " ...   H. Ferreira from Vancouver, BC says:    " Hi JustDial, I'm a reasonably new user of your service and can honestly say that I'm pleased with the service. It is an honest service and easy to use and the quality of the phone calls are good too. Making payments are also straightforward. " ...   C. Schwartz from Hampstad, QC says:    " I have told many friends and relatives about this service. We use it all the time. We have even cancelled our other long distance carrier. Just dial works amazing with cell phones. We have saved so much money using this plan. It is easy to use and covers us where ever we travel. " ...   D. Wiley from NS says:    " Just Dial is a wonderful gift! By assigning various numbers with my account I am able to allow family members to make long distance phone calls. Using the service is so simple and acquiring additional minutes, just a click away. Questions have been answered with a phone call, in a direct and friendly manner. Why not just dial Just Dial? " ...   M. Shamir from Vancouver, BC says:    " I am happy with Just Dial company. Connection is fast, good and line is clear. No need to redial several times. Recharging is fast. I never had to call for refund. Billing is very good. I even tell my friends to use Just Dial. What else do I need! " ...   G. Normand from Calgary, AB says:    " Hi! I have been using Just Dial for a couple of years and have been very happy with the service. Although I have another long distance plan on my home phone I find that Just dial is much cheaper for some of the calls I want to make. It is easy to use and I have never had any problems calling or getting through to my destination - and I like that it always tells me how many minutes I have left so I can talk without being interrupted. " ...   C. Moreau from Eastman, QC says:    " I have been doing my long distance calls through JustDial for the last two years and it has saved me a great deal of money. I find the service very reliable and easy to use. On the first time I had to get additional credits, I called customer service and they kindly explained to me how to do it. Great Job !!! " ...   E. Chan from Calgary, AB says:    " I have used DCall for the last 2 years and am very happy with the service. I make calls across Canada, U.S., and Europe and I haven't had any problems with the service. I love the fact that the customer service representatives are easily accessible, and I can easily recharge my card. " ...   M. Gonzalez from Brampton, ON says:    " Before, whenever I called long distance I had used long distance cards, most of the time the line was not clear, the call wouldn't go through and they would steal minutes sometimes hours off it. I hated going to the store in the middle of the winter, I had to find another way. I looked through the internet and stumbled upon JUST DIAL, it was easy to set up an account and in a couple of days I had long distance. I talk nationally and internationally for hours and hours, the line is never busy and always clear. Whenever my account is low I just put more money and that's it. It's convenient and I would highly recommend it to everyone. " ...   J. Smith from Toronto, ON says:    " I really didn't need a home phone except for the better rate on long distance. With Just Dial I don't need a home phone; I signed my cell plan up for unlimited local calling, and now make all long distance calls through Just Dial. I talk all the time to my girlfriend and my family for less than 3 cents a minute on a cell phone, that's unheard of - and I don't have to worry about hidden charges and surprise bills. " ...   G. Cosgrove from Kingston, ON says:    " With friends outside of the country it can be challenging - and expensive - to keep in touch. Just Dial's efficient and affordable service has helped me maintain contact with old friends without breaking the bank. Thanks Just Dial. " ...   T. Schindel from Cambridge Bay, NU says:    " I truly enjoy taking advantage of the benefits of Just Dial. I would like to see the pin number changed to fewer digits. " ...   M. Lemieux from Calgary, AB says:    " Over the last few year we have been more than satisfied with our Just Dial long distance service. The convenience and reliability of being able to 'Just' dial long distance at some of the lowest rates available, and to do it from multiple 'home' lines AND from my cell, are the most valued of capabilities for me. Just Dial staff have also been most courteous and promptly thorough with service to my needs both account activation and modifications, as well as advice of handle service access while n the road and away from my computer. They have earned my loyalty, gratitude and future business. Thanks! JustDial! " ...   W. Bootsma from Oliver, BC says:    " Just Dial, I was introduced to Ci Ci and Ci Ci Lynk by a post office employee and haven't look elsewhere since. In my cell phone I have all the big city access numbers and the other provincial access numbers in my contacts list. They in turn have the pin numbers installed after the "wait" pin. All LD calls are a simple two button access. I never need to read or enter any numbers from a card. Whenever cell phone service is not available, I put my cell on 'speaker phone' and place all the calls on a land line through the handset. No dialing, just two buttons. Awesome. Whenever I need a call history, I can go to 'Just Dial's' web site and see who I called, dates and times. Another bonus is that I never run out of minutes. When my calling card minutes get low, 'Just Dial' tops them up for me automatically. Now that's what I call service. As a motel manager, I have recommended Ci Ci Lynk to everyone who wants to make long distance calls from their rooms. The savings are enormous. " ...   J. Encarnacion from Moncton, NB says:    " I have been using Just Dial for about 1 year now, but just recently obtained my own account (about 6 months ago). Signing up was very quick and simple and I have never had any problems with the quality of the phone calls nor the customer service I have received. I have only needed to call in one time, with a request for past call history, since everything works so easily and I have never had a complaint using this service. In fact I recommend it to everyone. " ...   T. Duong from Austin, Texas says:    " I am very pleased with JD Dial Services as well as Customer Services. I have not involved with the Refund process but believe that this would be good from JD. JD Services is very good and on time. The only one thing I would love to have from JD is the local access number in Austin, Texas. " ...   B. Roberts from Southern, AB says:    " I've used Justdial for about 6 years, and it has been invaluable as an economical tool to stay in touch from every where, and any where, using my cell phone. Justdial allowed me too stay in touch with a very close friend who was dying when I could not be at her side. I've had excellent service each time I've depended on Justdial. " ...   J. Teeter from Langley, BC says:    " I am very happy with JustDial service. I have used it for several years and it always works well and it saves us tons on our long distance bills. It always recharges quickly and is so convenient on line! " ...   J. Leung from Toronto, ON says:    " With Just Dial, once I registered my number, I have no problem calling home whenever I want now. No fumbling with pin numbers. No busy signals or dropped calls. When I called customer service to recharge my account, they updated my account and sent confirmation quickly. And now I can even recharge my account on-line. Just Dial saves me time and brain space. I will definitely continue to use them. " ...   B. Proctor from Caledon, ON says:    " We have been very happy with Just Dial's service for the past couple of years. The rates are very competitive and the customer representatives are always courteous and helpful when needed. We have programmed our telephones to automatically connect to Just Dial's access number and then we proceed from fuss, no muss, no problems. There has been no conflict whatsoever with Bell and we saved many long distance dollars using Just Dial each time we needed to do so. Great rates and no extra fees ! What more could one ask for. " ...   A. Salas from Vancouver, BC says:    " I have been using just dial for many years, I buy credits for my daughter and I have used in business trip. It is very good in service and the quality extraordinary. Just dial and be happy. " ...   J. Fukumoto from Winnipeg, MB says:    " Just Dial is great! It is the best long distance plan that I have found so far and it continues to save me money. It is easy to set up and is very accessible no matter where I am in Canada. I also think that the automatic recharge system is a great idea for simplicity and a time saver. I never have to worry about anything and the rates are so low that I'm always surprised at how low my bill is at the end of each month. Thanks for the great plan! " ...   Z. Sweeting from Vancouver, BC says:    " Dear Just Dial, I am delighted with Just Dial service. I enjoy the ease with which I can 'top up' my long distance minutes via internet banking and find the feature which tells me how much I have left on my account with each call very helpful. The cost of the calls is wonderfully cheap so I can stay in touch with friends and family in the UK. My Mum comes to stay with us here in Canada from the UK fairly often and so uses our Just Dial account to call home. She chooses to put the money she spends on calls in a pot so she can to pay for her calls. She can't believe how little she has had to put in the pot, even after plenty of calls!! Thanks for the good quality and efficient service. " ...   J. McCubbin from Revelstoke, BC says:    " When I was recommended to your service by a cell phone co. salesman, I was a little leery, but you came through. I use your service a great deal in the winter when we travel and I find it efficient and economical. I love not having to recharge my account, and I have found your staff on the whole to be helpful and well informed. Keep up the good work, I would hate to have to find another company to do what you manage so well, connection without hassle and low rates. Happy New Year. " ...   F. Costello from St. John's, NL says:    " Hi JD, Just a note to express my satisfaction with all aspects of the Just Dial service. I discovered this service via the internet almost two years ago. As I have to make calls both within Canada and the US and to other countries it has saved me a considerable amount of money. I have never had to question a charge or seek a refund. Your balance never disappears even if you have no need to use the service for a while. What they say is what you get. Just a real good program. " ...   A. Adeyemi from Calgary, AB says:    " Just dial has very good rates for the quality of service they provide. They are prompt to respond to any inquiry or request made. Their customer service is efficient and quick, the service has worked really well for me and I have recommended it to a lot of my friends. "
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