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What our customers have to say about us:   We do not have a land line and with our cell phones and we were getting overcharged on our long distance bills. I searched all over for an affordable long distance plan for my cell phone and Bell Mobility is the easiest and most affordable plan I've ever used. It's just so simple and such a no-brainer. Whether we are at home or travelling, Bell cell phones plans gives us the best rates period. There is not another service out there that offers the affordability and high level of service that Bell does. You guys are the best! "...     I do considerable business with my cell phone. I had been getting killed with long distance rates with my cell phone contract for years now, and I could find no other cell provider with rates any better. When I found out about Bell from my brother, I was a little skeptical, but after the first month, the savings were huge and my "Bell" account seems to last and last. I speed dial the access number, and it is immediate. I have never had a bad line or an interruption. This is great! Thanks folks."...     I have been using Bell cell phone plans for over half a year now. The rates are great and it is very easy to use. I never have a problem and there are no surprise fees. My business long distance is with Bell and I had a fixed rate plan as part of a package. Then they started charging me a $2.00 Long distance access fee. Now that fee has been raised to $5.20. Thank you Bell for a straightforward honest Service."...     It’s been a few months since I first started using the Bell long distance cell phone service. I must admit that I am more than satisfied with the quality of the sound, the swiftness with which the communication is established and the non-interruption of the call. It’s also easy to manage your calls as Bell provides an interactive website where you could have access to your call history. All you need is a PIN. I personally was astounded with the swiftness of their response when I asked for a PIN number to get access to the website service. One more thing, I was glad the service is compatible with any phone. I am using it on my cell phone to make long distance calls by calling local numbers. It’s amazing how much money I save."...     Bell cell phone plans is a long distance solution that works from all my platforms at a price that is always leading the competition. I have it set up as a speed dial on my cell phone and allows me to avoid the high LD charges that would otherwise apply. This is a good service that works."...     Of all the long distance services I have tried, Bell cell phone deals is definitely the best. It is inexpensive and SOOO convenient! I love that I can use it on my cell phone and home phone and just have to remember one number. And the best part is, there are no hidden fees!"...     Last year my boyfriend moved to Edmonton, AB from Ottawa, ON. We needed a long distance plan that would allow us to reach one another anytime of day. Whether we use our cell phones or home phones we have saved well over a thousand dollars in charges by using Bell cell phone deal for our hours of long distance calling. When our account gets low on minutes, it takes less than 24 hours to recharge. We can even set an auto-recharge to make sure we never run out of minutes. Because we can talk to each other for as long as we want without worrying about how much it is costing, we are still together a year later. Thanks to Bell phonecard our relationship hasn't been affected by the long distance between us."...     My daughter used Bell cell phone services and told me about it. The cost is a fraction of Bell's rates and is applicable 24/7. The plan I was on with Bell restricted the hours of use for their best rate. I have had no problems whatsoever and am absolutely thrilled with the quality and service. I have told several people and recommend Bell cell phone services to all. Thanks Bell cell phone services."...     I changed cell phones (and my phone number) and lost my Bell info. I called Customer Service and the man who responded was very helpful. He changed the phone numbers on file and advised me it may take some time for the system to update. He gave me a different phone number to use in the interim, but I didn't need t because the "direct" number worked almost right away. He then called me back a few days later to follow up and ensure everything was okay. I thought it was excellent service!"...     I have been a Bell customer now for about 2 months. In that time I have traveled extensively in the United States & Canada. My experience has been very positive. Bell cell phone plans has provided excellent service and the long distance process has just been made easier with Bell cell phone plans. I used to use a Bell calling card and there were so many numbers to dial & in addition, outside of Canada - the Bell cell phone number is not always recognized. My experience has been very positive & I have recommended the Bell cell phone service to others who are traveling."...     I live in Canada but my family live in Indonesia. One night I wanted to call my family but my phone card was already expired although I haven't used it all the credit! Beside its great deals, with Bell cell phone plans, I don't have to worry about expired date or pin number! All I have to do Bell directly from my cell phone and I can add the money thru online anytime! I recommend Bell cell phone plans to all my friends here. "...     Thanks to Bell cell phone service! I am saving a bundle on cell phone charges that I once faced from my cell phone provider. Using my free evening and weekends, I can call friends and family abroad for CHEAP! I have not had any issues with the quality of calls nor had any need to contact customer service. "...     I have been using Bell long distance cell phone plans for almost a year now and can highly recommend it. I use it regularly to call Europe from my cell phone in Canada, and the sound quality is consistently excellent. It's cheap and convenient and works extremely well for me. "...     Bell... so simple, cell phone rates at a competitive price. All in Canadian funds... No hassle to charge credit card in US funds and get ripped off by the exchange rates... With Bell, I had to get "SimplyTell overseas plan" @ $4.95 per month and then I was paying $0.29 a minute + applicable taxes to call, Anna now my wife, in Russia. With Bell long distance cell phone plans there are absolutely no charges whatsoever and I pay $0.095 a minute. Since I joined Bell long distance cell phone plans last August I saved more than two thirds of the Bell plan. 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