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Canada Calling Cards for Long Distance Calling in Canada - 1.9 ¢/min

Prepaid calling cards work like debit cards. Customers pay in advance for a specific number of minutes and this available call time is reduced each time a card is used. Most prepaid cards are one-time usage cards. Once the total call time has been used, the card no longer works.

Read the fine Print

You might pay $10.00 @ $0.03 a minute, on the understanding that you have a total of 333 long-distance minutes. Always read the fine print and beware of the following:

  • Access or connection charges may apply.
  • Cards may require a minimum duration per call. For example, a card may indicate that there is a 3-minute minimum on all calls. Callers that make a one-minute call are actually charged for 3 minutes. Rates can vary from company to company.

What you should know

  • Rates can vary depending on the number you are calling.
  • Some cards may only be good for calls to specific geographic locations.
  • Not all cards permit international calls.
  • Fees for sign-up, connection or activation can significantly reduce the value of a card before a call is even placed.
  • Cards should clearly indicate a customer service contact number and address for the company offering the card in case of problems.

You have a complaint?

Consumers who have complaints about prepaid calling cards should contact the provider directly. In a telecommunications environment which is becoming increasingly competitive, it is in the provider's best interest to address the needs and concerns of its current and potential subscribers.

Industry Canada's Consumer Connection website has a section on how to Complain Effectively. It provides a detailed list of steps to follow to file a complaint as well as contacts for the organizations, or local, provincial and federal offices that provide help to consumers.

Keep in Touch with Canada Calling Cards

Communication has never been more important than it is today, and that has led more and more people to consider buying calling cards to stay in touch. Calling cards have a vital role to play in today's information based society, and they are a great idea for travelers, business people and others who need to stay in touch wherever they are.

There are in fact many uses for callingcards, including applications in the world of business. Canada calling cards are a great way for the traveling business person to stay in touch, without running the risk of a large cell phone bill or unexpected roaming charges. These calling cards are especially valuable for workers who frequently travel to foreign countries, since the rules and charges for cell phone and landline use can vary widely from country to country. This is particularly true in many developing and third word countries, and many traveling businessmen and businesswomen prefer to use callingcards to make keeping in touch easier.

The Canada callingcard is also a great gift for students who will be heading off on holiday. Parents and loved ones will be glad to know their family member is safe while on vacation, and those callingcards will certainly come in handy for keeping in touch. Instead of fumbling for coins or worrying about the compatibility of cell phones on foreign networks, those traveling students can simply use their calling cards to keep in touch wherever they go.

Calling cards can be a great idea for emergency use as well. While it is impossible to pinpoint exactly when and where we may need to use those callingcards, having them ready when they are needed certainly provides great peace of mind. Instead of looking for change, people are free to simply punch in the numbers on their callingcard and communicate instantly with other parties. This ease of use makes these Canada calling cards a great choice for people around the country and around the world.

Of course not all Canada calling cards are the same, and it is important for users to look for the best deal when they buy these cards. It is important for traveling businesspeople, students and others to look for the features that will allow them to get the most value out of the callingcards they buy.

One of the most important features to look for in a Canadian calling card is a low per minute rate on the countries the buyer is most likely to call. The per minute rate is an essential part of the package, and it is important to carefully calculate the savings that can be achieved. Travelers who are planning to use their cards on a European holiday will want to make sure they get plenty of affordable minutes to all the countries on the continent, as well as calls back to their home country. Many people will use their Canada calling cards to call home, and these cards provide a great way for travelers to keep in touch and let their loved ones know they are OK. . Canadian calling cards can also be used for a number of things while on vacation, including making train reservations, booking flights or reserving hotel rooms. The key to maximum savings is to make sure that the minutes on the card will stretch as far as possible.

It is also important that the callingcard provides an easy and convenient way to buy more minutes. After the initial minutes are used up it is important for travelers and other card users to be able to add additional money to the card. Many card issuers allow users to add additional funds to their canada callingcard with a credit card, debit card or other form of electronic payment. Others issuers may also allow users to recharge their cards in person at various stores and kiosks throughout the world. When buying a prepaid calling card it is important to consider the options for adding money down the road.

Canada calling cards can be an excellent choice for staying in touch, but it is important to do your homework. With a little bit of research and some good planning you will be able to use a callingcard to stay in touch wherever you may roam.

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And I like the fact that I never get a bill. And the customer service is awesome ! " ...   E. Brooks from Nelson, BC says:    " I've been with Just Dial for 4 years because first and foremost it's the best LD rate ever! I also like the consistent updates to my account status at the time of a call and being able to include a number of alternate phone numbers. All of this on one account with one easy prepay plan that auto recharges while I sleep! An added bonus is getting free minutes when I refer someone to Customer Service who handles it from there. I've always found JustDial personnel to be extremely helpful, polite and knowledgeable whatever my query. " ...   C. Pinto from Toronto ON says:    " I've used a lot of different cards to call internationally and Just Dial has been the easiest and best priced of them all. I'm never disconnected and refilling my card is super quick and simple online. " ...   C. Fang from Oakville, ON says:    " Justdial has been a life saver for me. I have travelled throughout Europe and Asia for business and using Justdial has saved me hundreds of dollars. Having the convenience of a connecting through a toll free or local number has saved me time and money. I can stay in touch with my family and have the knowledge of knowing that I can call at anytime and talk as long as I want at a cost of pennies per minute, I have tried using other methods such as the internet but the voice delay is both annoying and frustrating, I have told many colleagues who now has also connected with their family through Justdial, Thank you for your service, ease of connection and low cost. " ...   B. Cave from Pt Dover, ON says:    " We're totally satisfied with the convenience of Just Dial with its low rates anytime anywhere. I especially enjoy letting telemarketers go through their whole spiel about their special offers then ask them to match Just Dial. None of them can come close! " ...   C. Walker from Abbotsford, BC says:    " Just Dial has always worked well for me. It's very inexpensive and has saved us a ton of money whenever we are in the U.S. " ...   M. Smith from Toronto, ON says:    " I am writing to let you know that Just Dial is a really great way to call long distance. I have used them now for several years and find the quality excellent! It's so inexpensive and easy to use. I can add money to my account very quickly and it shows up right away. I have them on my cell phone and home phone. It just makes so much sense! Thank you Just Dial! " ...   M. Legault from Montreal, QC says:    " Je voudrais vous faire part de ma satisfaction à l'égard du service Just Dial. Je suis abonné au service depuis plus de deux ans maintenant, et je n'ai jamais éprouvé aucune difficulté à utiliser leur service. Je dois faire à l'occasion des appels outre-mers, et grâce à Just Dial, j'ai pu économiser considérablement sur les frais d'interurbains. Même constat en ce qui a trait aux vacances. Peu importe où on se trouve en Amérique du Nord, le numéro 1-800 nous permet de rejoindre nos proches à peu de frais, que l'on soit à l'hôtel ou dans une cabine téléphonique. Le service à la clientèle est très efficace, et la recharge automatique de notre compte permet de ne pas être pris au dépourvu lorsqu'on est loin de la maison. Je souhaite faire partie des clients fidèles de Just Dial pour de nombreuses années encore! " ...   M. Henderson from ON says:    " I'd like to give my personal "thumbs up" for Just Dial long distance service. It has been about six months since I first signed up, and there is just no looking back, or elsewhere for that matter. I had some finger trouble at first, all my fault, but received quick response both by phone and email to resolve my issues. Every time I place a call, I'm amazed at the amount still left on credit, as it seems to take forever to use up just $20 worth of credit! I've not had to request any refund to date, but have reason to think this would be no trouble, as communication in the past has been so prompt and courteous. Best of all, no waiting on hold when you have to call about something! All in all, a highly recommended service that I tell all my friends and family about. " ...   M. Johnson from Vancouver, BC says:    " Thank you for the great service we're enjoying as a Just Dial Customer. Living in the Okanagan we're using long distance all the time and are happy we get it at such a good price. " ...   D. Arthur from Meaford, ON says:    " Just Dial is our long distance provider for our year round cottage on Georgian Bay where we have only basic phone service from Bell. Since many of our calls to family and friends are long distance, our Just Dial service is perfect. It is very economical and very reliable. Customer support is excellent. Highly recommended. " ...   K. Hart from Toronto, ON says:    " Just Dial is a fantastic service! We have 2 cell phones and use them exclusively, no landline. Our long distance costs were outrageous on the cell phone and it was hard to get a good plan through our service provider. We've programmed Just Dial into both our cell phones and also put it at the beginning of our long distance friends and family in our cell phone address books. VERY easy to add it and a pause so it all dials automatically. We were even able to use it when one phone was in Toronto and one in Germany! " ...   L. Bell from Everett, ON says:    " Thanks for the service. I have been using 'just dial' for about 4 years now. Two years ago I signed my Mother up to 'just dial' as a mother's day gift. I top it up now again for her. At 76 she doesn't like to travel as much as in the past, so this gives her the ability to keep in touch with her friends and family. Every few months Mom will call just to tell me that the gift is the best thing she has received in years. Thanks for making it so easy and affordable for me to give a gift that makes ME look like a hero. "
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